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Most Likely to Spawn Naughty AdSense

Hooray For Boobies

Here's a fun fact: Aside from Oxygen, Silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth. 97% of it is in L.A. 38% of that is under Pam Anderson's shirt.  Read more

Quick, Hide the Google AdSense, Part I

Anyone who's ever written online content knows that keywords are crucial. They help your content get listed in search engines, which brings traffic to your site. The more you use the same keyword in your post, the higher your ranking will be when someone googles that word.

Which brings me to my next subject - sex sells.  Read more

Quick, Hide the Google AdSense, Part II

Where was I? Ah yes, porn.

Is there a factory somewhere deep in Arkansas that produces peroxide blond women with G-cup silicon boobs and too much lip liner, with their brains lobotomized so all they can say is "Ooooh," "Yeah," and, "Yes Mr. Johnson, I love pie."?  Read more

Dear Internet

No matter which you use as your default search engine, it never fails that no matter how innocent-sounding the search term you enter, you always wind up with dirty pictures thrown in for good measure.  And by “you” I mean “me.”  Read more:

How Boobs are Destroying the World

Because if you’re one of those women who mumbles nasty words under your breath when another pretty woman walks into the room, or if you talk shit about your gal pal behind her back because the green eyed monster rears its ugly head and snarls radioactive loogies every time she’s around, get bent. 

If you’re not one of those women, hit me up, we can totally be friends.  Read more

The Best Relationship Advice Article You'll Ever Read... Part 1

I've noticed that for every ridiculous article that exists telling women to laugh at his non-funny jokes and touch her neck to make him think about humping her leg as they walk out of the restaurant, there are just as many articles telling men to say her name repeatedly like a stalker-bot and listen intently until she feels all squirmy and uncomfortable under his gaze.   Read more:

The Best Relationship Advice Article You'll Ever Read... Part 2

So... no matter how "you" you behave, there are always going to be things you camouflage around new people, specifically people you might like to touch your dangly bits at some point.  Thing is, no one really needs to know if you pick your boogers on the toilet or what exactly your shave/wax routine is... some things NEED to be sacred.  Your significant other shouldn't be offended if you leave the room to bust ass, or if they totally believe that you just naturally have no hair on 98% of your body and suddenly discover an entire closet filled with razors, wax strips, and Dremel tools.   Read more:

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