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Angel vs. Devil

The Beginning

I was in the 2nd grade. The most popular girl in the class, a snotty, prissy little witch who knew even back then how to rule the world with a cute skirt and the right combination of two differently colored socks scrunched down on each ankle (I know, I just dated myself - bear with me) - was standing in front of me in the lunch line... read more

Feeling a Little Crappy

I can't tell you how or why it all started, except that I saw him sneak off into a port-a-potty on one of our many school field trips. Cue Angel and Devil... read more


It's been a long time since I've written an Angel vs. Devil post, mainly because over the years Angel and Devil have kind of morphed into this singular schizophrenic, spacy little being that only shows up when I'm seriously debating something.  When they are separate(ish), I like to picture them as Jay and Silent Bob... read more
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