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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Writer's Block. No, Really.

I’m not even going to double check the date of my last post for reference, because I already know it’s been a long time.

My world is a fickle one, where there are days I have endless motivation and inspiration, and others where I do nothing but stare blankly at a blinking cursor for hours until my eyes cross and I sigh heavily, surrendering to another day void of creativity.

I actually had several posts started, but as many of you know sometimes life steps in and ninja-daggers your brain with reality, and it sits there, festering as you try to find humor but instead long to be deep and thoughtful.  This results in lame puns and half-hearted jokes that most people would be embarrassed to post and nobody really wants to read.  I have frackjillions of thoughts scribbled down and scattered throughout my house, yet none of them seemed to want to come alive into anything substantial. 

Screw you, spellcheck, I know frackjillion isn’t a word.

So I thought, maybe if I just started typing, something would come out. 


Another day goes to you, brain ninja.
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