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Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm getting really bad at this....

Seriously. When was the last time I posted? Yea, I can't remember either, that's how bad it is.

So I have a question -
Have you ever accidentally tried to buy something that has been recalled?

Yes, of course I'm serious. It's the craziest damn thing I ever saw - the register locked up, alarms sounded, S.W.A.T. came down from the ceiling on those human fishing line thingies, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones showed up in their black suits and flashy thing'ed me. All for a 16 oz. box of nonfat dried milk. Generic, at that.

Okay, I made some of that up, but the register did lock up and it was a big stupid deal to get it overridden so I could finish checking out. So what I'm wondering, and just hear me out here:

Why is it still on the shelves?

They can't make money off of it even accidentally, and it just causes a whole mess of trouble for everyone involved. Are they afraid of having an empty spot on a shelf? Or are they worried that the condensed milk and goat's milk are going to join forces and take over dried's territory while it's away, leaving nowhere to put a product that MAYBE 1 in every 250 people even buys in the first place when it's deemed safe again?

Seriously, is it that hard to send someone to pull a few boxes off a shelf?

But then, it IS Walmart, and this IS Southeastern Oklahoma...


That's all for now.

Later : )
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