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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Everyone Should Work a Service Job at Least Once in Their Lives

My very first service job was as an associate at Wal-mart in the shoe department.  Glamorous, glamorous.  It didn't last long - one can only shuffle through so many boxes of nasty, worn shoes that people had left behind in order to steal new shoes and price-check ridiculously priced knock-off sneakers, after all.

I moved from the high life of Wal-Mart into waitressing, burned out on that and entered the mind-numbing world of daycare and Pre-K (mind-numbing in the sense that it's not normal for an adult to spend every waking hour with toddlers watching Veggie Tales and noshing on mac & cheese and fish sticks), and then back into the service industry with a managerial job at Hastings.  Today my career path has come full circle, with yet another lower-management position at a local shoe store, which will not be named here because I need my job and I really don't want to be sued.

Like this one, but only slightly more soul crushing.

These were bad life choices on my part, simply put, because I really, really dislike people.

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