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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Woes of a Humor Writer

**Originally posted 2007**

As a writer of generally funny, random, or nonsensical things, I have to say a couple things.
First of all – people just don’t wear enough hats. Seriously, I’d like to see a few more fedoras or stovepipes. Why? I’m not really sure, but it would make waiting at a bus stop much more interesting.
Secondly – for the most part, people take themselves WAY too seriously. For example, when I say I’m going to pad one wall in my house, install hooks, and attach bungee cords to harness my children’s overabundance of energy, I’M JOKING. When I say that I understand why some species eat their children, IT’S A JOKE.
Well, partially, anyway.
Just like Jonathon Swift’s famous satire where he proposed eating children to deal with poverty in Ireland in “A Modest Proposal,” usually if a writer has come up with something so insane, disgusting, or far-fetched that it couldn’t possibly be a serious opinion, it probably isn’t.
Trust me, if you’re that easily offended at something you read or hear, a little laughter might be good for you. Try not to take things quite so seriously.
Oh, and buy a fedora.
Just a suggestion.
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