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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

George Takei Strikes Again

Oh, Uncle George.  I love this man.

Hallmark has upped the ante on political correctness and removed the word "gay" from a song probably older than homophobia itself:

Can also be used for your miniature homophobic Elf on the Shelf with a love for ugly sweaters.
I'm digressing a little here, but does anyone remember a little Jim Henson production called Dinosaurs? No?  Recognize this little guy?
Definitely not the mama.

Anyway, the show touched on silly but socially relevant topics like peer pressure, drugs, and worshipping a giant fridge.  In one episode, adorable little imp Baby Sinclair (who was a pivotal character but somehow never earned himself an actual name besides "Ugh,Ugh, I'm dying you idiot" - but that's a story for another time) repeats a no-no word that he hears on a prehistoric television show. 
Hilarity ensues as television network execs discover that controversy sells (who knew?), and parents get up in arms about the language their children are being exposed to, because obviously it's the media's job to teach children appropriate behavior and to hell with actual parenting.  Long story short, the "government" overreacts and bans anything that could even possibly be considered offensive, forcing our beloved protagonists to wear pants and pantyhose, and even banning certain letters from the alphabet because they "annoy" one or two townspeople.
Sound familiar?
Back to Hallmark and the awesome Mr. George Takei.  Mr. Takei, being probably one of very few people left on this Earth with both sensitivity and an intact brain, responded to Hallmark's removal of the word "gay" from their ornament with this:

Total awesomeness in 100% Cotton
You may not be able to read it here (Blogger's being stubborn again); it says : "Don we now our Takei apparel".  The picture is totally clickable, and will take you to Amazon for purchase or to read the hilarious commentary in the ratings.   
Ohh myyy, indeed.
Takei 1, Hallmark 0.
Have you encountered any ridiculous word swaps or over-the-top attempts at "political correctness?"  Share in the comments below!
I'm off to Amazon.... 
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