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Monday, December 30, 2013

... and Then Came Buddy

Buddy is our (not so) new chiweenie puppy. 


Yes, he's cute, and we love him, but I think he's slightly retarded.  Plus, he's kind of a dick.

This is Angel:

She adopted Buddy, despite the fact that she could swallow him whole in a single gulp.  And has probably thought about it on more than one occasion.

But he looks so sweet, Sandra - he's just a baby!  Wook at dat wittle face...

I have.  It's hard to miss when he's crawling over my face at 3 o'clock in the morning, his little needle-claws digging into my cheeks as he tries to roto-root my nose and ears with his tongue.

He's our own little ball of spaz, and when he's not gnawing on Angel's face and leg tendons or humping on her tail (which he can barely reach), he's picking fights with the demon cat....

...even though he already knows she doesn't fight fair.

He poops.  A lot.  In fact, I honestly don't know how something so tiny can create so much waste.  He hasn't figured out yet that OUTSIDE is the proper pooping ground - no, he's decided that he can poop wherever he damn well pleases, and that includes the floor and the couch, the chair and the cat box - yes, I said cat box.  As in, the kitty's litter box, which is why she tries to filet him every time he walks past her now.

He chews.  Everything.  Not like a normal puppy chews things because they're teething and/or they don't know any better - he's a freaking puppy ninja, lying in wait for the first sign of an unattended ANYTHING, so he can swoop in and carry it to his bed.

This?  This isn't Buddy.  This just makes me laugh.  But it totally could be Buddy.

Still, I love him.  He fits right in with our dysfunctional little family, and wook at dat wittle face...

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