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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here's a Bunny With a Pancake on its Head

Yup, it's another round of deep thoughts.

Is it me, or are kids bigger than they used to be? Maybe the government should regulate the use of Miracle Grow on fruit and vegetable crops.

Does the Disney Channel have a secret laboratory somewhere where they create test-tube babies that are freakishly attractive, talented, bilingual, and marketable by the thousands?

Is George W.'s head lumpy from all those brain farts?

What's the deal with OLEO? Why the hell would someone actually market a product with a warning on the package containing the words "may cause anal leakage"? And who actually buys those products???

Speaking of anal leakage - if a gay man could fly, would his bum whistle?

Can you really see Russia from Alaska?

What were the Burger King ad execs smoking when they came up with the Burger King mascot?

Is it frightening that I'm 26 years old and enjoy watching Hannah Montana? Isn't it even weirder that I just posted that?


That's all for now.

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