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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too Much Coffee, So Little Time

I've had about 3 pots of coffee between 2 a.m. this morning and now (10:57 a.m. my time), and haven't been to bed yet.

Still, I've managed to get absolutely nothing done. Aside from the fact that my eyes are glued wide open and my fingers are trying to move faster than my brain will allow, I'm okay - except that I'm beginning to think it was futile to stop drinking the coffee to quell such frequent trips to the potty, which also drastically cut into my productivity.

Sad, but I actually do this often. I think Gevalia should make me a preferred customer.

Do they make such a thing as a caffeine patch? I'm not looking to wean myself from coffee completely, but if I'm working it would save a great amount of time to not have to pick up a cup every few minutes, would it not?

I'll have to look into that...

In the meantime, it looks like trying to write anything that actually makes sense at this point in time is pretty much pointless. I think I'll go re-alphabetize my DVDs.
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