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Monday, November 26, 2007

Everyday Solutions

My phone rings literally about every ten minutes, all calls from bill collectors and telemarketers. We thought screening calls would be enough, but from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (I know right, how incredibly rude), our phone rings non-stop - and if we're on the phone, we get interrupted calls from the call-waiting beeps because the bill collectors and telemarketers know someone's there, so they seem to hang up and call right back.

I've figured this one out - either I'm going to throw the phone out the window, or I'm going to get ahold of all these people's personal home phone numbers and start calling THEM every ten minutes. I think the high phone bill would be worth it.

I made oatmeal for my girls this morning - well, it LOOKED like oatmeal, but really it was glue masquerading as oatmeal. I think I'll stick with cold cereal from now on.

Both my girls caught some type of bug, so I'm shoveling herbal teas and the occasional dose of Motrin in them. They're tired and cranky, and I hate seeing them not feel good, but doggone it, that Motrin is potent stuff, because as soon as it kicks in they're as energetic and obnoxious as ever. I like that it makes them feel better, of course, but where's MY fix-all energy booster? Eh, I'll stick with my vitamins and green tea.

Our puppy is chewing on EVERYTHING, and with two small children it's impossible to put things up, because as soon as I do, they pull it right back down because they thin it's funny when the puppy growls and does that head shake thing he does when he chews on my hubby's belt or shoes. You'd think the dog would be afraid of something 4 times bigger than he is - apparently not, shoes are the first thing he goes after. I think I'll get one of those remote control buzzer things, maybe a loud noise from an inanimate object will quell the fascination.

That's all for today, I'm off to go shopping.
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