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Friday, November 23, 2007

Catching Up

Day before yesterday I thought I'd put our puppy to good use by giving him my girls' lunch leftovers of chicken tenders and french fries, with ketchup. I have to wonder what I've been feeding my children, since the puppy immediately went past the chicken and straight to the ketchup.

Thanksgiving was a total blast (note the dripping sarcasm here). Nobody showed up, so I had way too much food for a family of 4, plus I'd spent the entire morning tripping over two children and a dog, trying to keep them AND myself from falling head-first into the oven. I finally got dinner done, just to have my typically picky girls turn their noses up to everything but the sweet potatoes. So now, we have more leftovers than we'll EVER know what to do with, and 2 children that refuse to help eat it.

I see about 60 pounds and a broken scale in my near future.

To make things even better, my children have decided to start building complex climbing devices out of small furniture and large toys. The effort on my part to put a latch hook on their playroom closet door was futile - 5 minutes with a small shelf and Dora chair and they were in.

I'm starting to think that toddlers should be employed by the CIA.

My husband is still in the habit of sleeping until noon, and my girls's energy levels are rising by the day, as is my blood pressure. He sleeps through the alarm, despite my multiple, "accidental" kicks and nudges to make him get out of bed first.

Anyone know where to buy a good bull horn?
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