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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Conspiracy Theory #273 - Pogo Games and the Procrastination Bug

I'll admit it.

My name is Sandra, and I'm addicted to Pogo Games.

It all started a few months ago when I was sitting at my computer mulling over what to write about, that dreaded Writer's Block taunting me with bits of information I had absolutely nothing I could do with.

I thought, maybe if I don't think about it for a while, I can get past it.

So, I did a search on "free online games," and here I am now.

Now, before you point out that I'm writing now, let me tell you that I have Word Whomp minimized in another window.

I'm so ashamed.

I tried justifying it by telling myself that if it's a word game, I'm not procrasintaing, I'm simply stirring the creative juices (boy, what a gross mental image - but I digress). Then I started getting that look from my husband every time I told him I was *ahem* working, and he'd look over my shoulder and see Bookworm flashing on my screen. "What?" I'd say. "I'm just taking a break."

...and then 2 hours later - "What? I'm brainstorming. What do you mean Hog Heaven Slots has nothing to do with writing? Pffft."

And yes, you guessed it - I got duped into the "Free Trial Club Membership." Twice. If my credit cards actually had anything on them, I'd be in trouble.

Curse you, Pogo Games, for making procrastination so darn easy.
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