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Monday, May 08, 2017

When It Rains

Hello Monday, you whore.

I just found out that my 12 year old, who uses my Google+ account on her tablet, has completely taken it over. I'm now the proud owner of a Transformers avatar and a string of followers right around her age who think I make snarky comments on their YouTube impression videos.  This means that at this very moment, I may have children reading this blog, which really makes things awkward, given my penchant for, ahem, colorful imagery.

I'll just see myself out.

On top of that, I had the bright idea to attach this blog to my new online business (shameless plug), because I figured building brand loyalty might be easier if the person behind the brand seemed a little more human and a lot less, well, stuffy.  People like humor, right? Especially when you're selling comics and fandom and... burgers?

And I can totally get behind a trend like this.

Plus, I can't do all that, "our mission is to save the world and all its puppies with big words and empty promises" nonsense. I mean, come on, it's a business. I like to eat and pay bills. I also like comics, movies, video games, and reading things. It just makes sense. Contributing to our community is an awesome bonus, but I don't really know how to convey that without sounding all full of dookie  long-winded and needlessly philosophical. That's kind of my thing.

On a related note, my living room is currently stacked with thousands of movies and more POP! Funkos than any person not featured on an A&E special should have. My twelve year old is chomping at the bit to dig into comic boxes, and my 15 year old is just tired of tripping over rolls of bubble wrap to get to the fridge so she can load up on Doritos and Frappuccinos and hole up in her room again.

Also, this:
I love her. She's mine. You can't make me sell her.

This thing (it's a stretched canvas, guys) is the size of a toddler. A large - Amazonian - very strangely proportioned toddler. And it's on my living room wall, where it will stay either forever or until I open an actual physical store. My oldest is pulling for the latter.

Aaaaand, it's still Monday. I'm totally procrastinating the beginning stages of entering in 5,000 movies by telling myself that blogging is working and 3 cups of coffee just isn't quite enough yet.

Monday. {Censored}

Sandra posts stuff on Facebook sometimes, here and here. At this point she's not above begging for likes and shares. Pretty please. With a scantily-clad Wonder Woman on top.

You can also check out her newest venture, Rated E, here. There's comics, and movies, and books, and video games, and all kinds of other stuff, oh my. Please buy something so that she doesn't have to be featured on a very special episode of Hoarders.
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