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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Give Me Some Milk, or the Puppy Gets It

Aside from my children now thinking that using the potty is a team sport, my youngest daughter has decided that she should get what she wants, when she wants it - or else.

This isn't entirely uncommon, but let me point out for anyone who doesn't already know that she's 3. She doesn't normally whine or throw a fit, but now that we have a puppy, she's upped her game in a hysterically disturbing way.

I was taking a phone call the other day, convinced (though I should have known better) that my girls were occupied eating their lunches. My youngest daughter very politely asked for some more milk; I told her, in an equally polite way, to wait a minute. She asked again, I told her again to wait; Mommy was on the phone.

After a few more times of her asking (less and less politely each time, I might add), I hear the familiar yelp of the puppy when my daughters try to bear hug him - a big no no both for the puppy's sake, and the fact that they know not to play with the puppy while they're eating - so I tell her to put the dog down.

I don't get the common "Okay, Momma," or the sweet sounding but obviously a lie, "I am, Momma," instead I get, "GIVE ME SOME MILK!"

Apparently now I can add hostage negotiator to my list of personal achievements. I'll just say that my phone call was cut short and I saved the puppy - and my daughter didn't get any more milk for that meal.

Guess Daddy will have to save his action movies for when the girls are sleeping from now on.
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