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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Censoring Santa?

I came across an article on the Yahoo! front page about Santas in Australia being asked to not use the phrase "ho ho ho," and to instead say, "ha ha ha."

Why? "Because it scares children and offends women."


Okay, Santas have only been placed in every department store for the past, oh, I don't know, 50 YEARS, and someone is just now saying that a traditional saying is offensive?

Let's take a look at this. We take our children to a public place and tell them to sit in a complete strager's lap - a complete stranger who's donning a fluffly red suit and asks our children if they've been naughty or nice. Then we take a picture of it. I know, I know, it's all in good fun, right?

But if THAT alone doesn't scare children, and there haven't been any complaints about this whole ritual being somewhat perverse, why in the WORLD would Santa's typical, jolly "HO HO HO" suddenly be frightening and offensive?

I'm just wondering who actually came forward with this complaint, and who was dumb enough to take it seriously.

I'm all for Women's Lib, but come on - someone needs to find more important things to complain about.
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